Relationships Heart aches, happiness, and drama are words associated with relationships. Most people have experienced what it feels like to get their hearts broken like Adele or Taylor Swift. They’ve experienced what it feels like to love someone with all their heart and have dealt with drama from family members and friends. So how in the end have they gotten through it?

Being in a relationship is tough, breaking up with a person is tougher, and moving on from a bad relationship is the toughest. First we experience a first date. Both people may feel nervous like a thousand butterflies have suddenly swarmed into their stomachs. The date goes well and both parties feel like he or she is on cloud nine. Smiling and acting giddly because you feel like you met the right person.

Then you go on more dates and began to form a link between the two of you. Now the game of love becomes harder because the two of you must work to ensure that link stays strong by communication and trust.

Sometimes communication and trust can be lost due to drama, tension, and jealousy. Drama causes tension between a couple resulting in unneeded arguments about little things. You were jealous of a special relationship your man or woman has with another friend. Most people have a friend who they joke around with and you just have to accept it to avoid drama. Yes, sometimes drama happening in a relationship is good because it causes a couple to get through the drama and become stronger, but too much of it can cause a couple to split causing unhappiness.

Jealousy also leads to lost of communication and trust. We experience the feeling of being jealous of another person trying to take our man or woman. Man and Woman sometimes become like animals.

Their territory is marked and when someone else invades what they see as their territory he or she will fight to protect to it. The “animal” does not want that invader coming in and stealing their partner away. We are insecure will see invaders that are out to steal our partners as well. Friends who want to talk to our partners become time stealers, taking away the time we want with our partner. A jealous mind set can lead to couples, spending less time together, sitting, living in the same house but not talking , or becoming strangers.

A person should be happy in a relationship, not constantly unhappy. Yes, a person is not going to be happy all the time because obstacles in life ,but when a person is unhappy more than happy in a relationship then it needs to end because then it is damaging to both.

Hurting and pain is a part of life. When a relationship is not working out most of us are afraid to hurt the other person by breaking up because we know how it will hurt them. Most of us have been unhappy in a relationship, and were afraid to leave and make our partner unhappy. It is better to leave in a relationship and be single then be unhappy in a relationship.

Yes, it is hard to move on since we may still love this person or we are so attached to this person. We cared so much that we spent money, time and energy on the person. We may do all that only to learn that he or she may have cheated on us or talk against us. This pushes us farther back from moving on.

Moving on allows us to become stronger, to realize that the person who hurt us wasn’t worth it, and to allow us to explore other fish in the sea.

When we start to explore we sometimes begin to explore a “fish” that has been there for us all the time like a friend. We are afraid to become more than that and risk losing them as a friend if the relationship goes bad. Many of us to put up walls, and making it hard for anyone else to get through due to being afraid of getting hurt or losing a friend. Getting hurt is painful but it hurts even more when we push a person away who wants to treat us right.

Most of us believe the new person will do the same things the other person did and hurt us causing the person to feel wanted and end the relationship.

We are all going to get hurt by people in life. In relationships there are going to be people who put us down, are nosy and want to know what is going on between the two of you, or don’t want you to see you hurt.

So accept the fact that hurt and pain will happen and learn to grow in a relationship. At the end of the day it is your life . So when someone is trying to butt in just ignore them and be happy because that is all that matters.